Warehouse 3 Way

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We came across these three horny guys looking for cock in a local restaurant warehouse. Each of the boys is wearing their hankies to show any interested strangers what they like to do when they choose to get dirty. They don't mince words and no one says anything as Damian and Brayden lead slender Scott to a chaise lounge that provides the perfect height for sucking dick. Scott gets on his knees and opens Brayden's bulging pants. Scott whips out Brayden's vein-popping cock and gets busy doing the Lord's work.

Scott doesn't leave Damian in the lurch either as he makes sure to spend an equal amount of time with each nice thick dick in his mouth. He services each of them before getting on his hands and knees to get spanked by Damian and Brayden's hard dicks. The two remove Scott's underwear and feel him up hard, rubbing his butt cheeks and fingering his tight hole. Damian stands and fucks Scott's mouth while Brayden gets down and rims him from behind. Damian tells Scott that he's about to get fucked deep, then turns him around and shoves his big hard meat deep inside the skinny Scott.

Damian fucks hard as Scott gets spit-roasted with a cock in each of his open holes. Brayden wants in on the ass fucking action and gets behind Damian to stick it to him. Scott isn't quite satisfied no matter how hard he gets fucked. He begs to get fucked harder and deeper and both Damian and Brayden take turns slamming Scott's asshole hard.

After a marathon session of getting plowed, Scott collapses on the couch, ass in the air, to allow each of the big-cocked men to unleash their loads on his ass. Damian shoots first and paints Scott's cheeks and crack white as it shoots out and runs down his ass. Brayden follows suit and soon Scott's entire ass is covered in sweet, sticky jizz that the two tops promptly wipe clean with Scott's hanky.

After being covered in cum, Scott needs to blow his own load. He's super horny from feeling all that warm cum hit his ass and land on his skin that he can't wait to nut! He lifts his ass in the air as each of the other boys grabs an ass cheek and rub him hard as he makes a mess on someone else's furniture. They all make out one last time then throw Scott back down before they each give him a giant slap on the ass and walk away to go about their days.