Taken By Storm

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Storm skates on down the alley through a crappy part of town and stops by a graffiti-ridden garage door. He wastes no time heading in to find Elijah working on his motorcycle. Elijah stops what he's doing and starts making out with his man. They kiss long and deep as the shirts come off and the pants drop to below their knees. Elijah has a big thick hairy cock that's growing larger with each slurpy kiss from Storm.

Elijah takes Storm by the dick and leads him over to his motorcycle to take a seat. He settles in and Storm gets on his knees to service his dark and mysterious man. Elijah turns around for a quick change of pace and presents Storm with his tight hairy ass. Storm gobbles it up, making Elijah moan with delight before Elijah sits back down on his motorcycle. Elijah throws his arm up over his head and Storm cups his plump sack as he takes Elijah's big rod all the way down his throat.

Next it's Elijah's turn to do some servicing. He gets down on his knees and lets Storm face fuck him. Storm grabs the back of Elijah's head and pumps away, letting his full hard cock slide all the way into Elijah's mouth making Elijah's nose bump his fiery pubes.

Storm turns around and Elijah takes his turn licking Storm's fuzzy butt. He rims his red-headed prize hard, getting every inch of Storm's crack and hole. Storm takes control and goes back down on his Elijah. Elijah's legs go up in the air and they jack cock on cock until Elijah decides he needs more cock down his throat. He blows the hell out of Storm and when Storm's cock looks like it's going to burst, Elijah hops on and rubs his hairy hole on the throbbing cock under him, riding it up and down without actually sticking it in. It's such a tease for Elijah and he can't take much more of the anticipation.

Elijah gets on top of Storm and jacks his cock. He yells out "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum!" and lets loose a gusher of thick white semen all over Storm's cute little chest. The sight and feel of Elijah's warm semen all over his body is enough for Storm. As they make out, Storm blasts his creamy load all over Elijah's hairy asshole. His cum flies out and runs down his balls before landing on the floor and sticking to all the black curly hairy in Elijah's crack.

They end their epic session with relief as their bodies go limp. They moan and breath heavily, their mouths locked in a seemingly permanent kiss as their cum glues their bodies together in a sticky and wet embrace on the floor of Elijah's garage.