Stick It To Me

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Nick and Peter are out in the NY heat sitting on the stoop. It's hot as balls outside and all they can do is sit and sweat. Nick suggests they go into his air conditioned apartment and Peter agrees that's just what he needs. Nick neglects to tell Peter that it's a fifth floor walk up so they work up an even bigger sweat getting to the cool rush of Nick's apartment. The second they get inside, Nick throws Peter onto the bed to start having his way with the skinny twink. There's absolutely no argument from Peter, who immediately starts dry humping Nick and letting Nick lick his salty, sweaty body all over.

Their shirts come off and they kiss hard and deep. Peter is out of breath. Nick's tongue makes him pant like a dog. All of Peter's clothes come off and soon he's sucking Nick's growing cock all the way to the pubes. He massages Nick's big balls as he deep throats and lets Nick fuck his face. They switch it up and Nick teases Peter's asshole with his big throbbing cock. Peter crawls on top of Nick and they 69 with Peter sucking more cock and Nick licking asshole.

It's not long before Peter is on his back with his legs spread wide. Nick crams his thick dick into the tight space that is Peter's hole. He plows hard and long and deep while Peter pants with each thrust of Nick's hairy pelvis. Peter hops on top and takes Nick's entire pole like a champ. He gets crazy loud as he rides cowboy style. Without warning, Peter pops a giant load all over Nicks stomach. Nick's big dick hit just the right spot, making Peter cum almost hands free!

Nick isn't done with the twink just yet, though. He turns him around, grabs hold of his shoulders and chest and uses Peter like a toy. Again, Nick's cock feels so good that Peter drops another load of jizz all over the sheets, making it the second cumming of the day! In a frenzy, Peter turns around and gets on his knees as Nick pumps his rod for some protein for Peter. Peter begs for it and finally squirt after squirt of thick white cum flies into Peter's gaping mouth. He laps it up, barley missing a drop as he hyperventilates to get all that he can get.

Both Nick and Peter are sweaty messes and they collapse onto the wet sheets to try to finally enjoy the air conditioning on such a hot sweaty day!