Pool Side Cum Buddies

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We found Zack Randall out by the pool one day cruising for some cock. As he walks out of his bungalow, the first person he sees is little twink, Isaac Yale, cooling off with his feet in the water. Zack calmly walks out, throws his big blue eyes in the direction of Isaac, dips his feet and continues on towards his mark. Isaac is fully aware that Zack is there and on the prowl. The thought of Zack Randall whipping out his dick makes Isaac's swimming suit stretch a little more as his cock stirs in its cradle.

Zack finally makes his way to Isaac and sits down next to him. There's not even a "hello" before these two lock lips and let the sparks fly. They feel each others growing bulges and rub them gently as they tangle tongues and rub some dick. Isaac can't take the suspense any longer and hops in the pool to get a better angle between Zack's legs. Isaac's open mouth finds what it's looking for when Zack's thick cock slides in and down the twink's throat. Isaac works the growing cock with ease, slurping and savoring every lick and lucky squeeze of precum that Zack can offer. Isaac needs better access to Zack's full hairy crotch and decides to take him to the poolside cabana. Zack jumps in the water and follows the twink through the pool, and out on the other side. They make their way to a couch and that's where things get heavy!

Zack pulls Isaac's suit off and quickly throws it over his shoulder. He goes down on Isaac, helping him to grow big and thick with each suck of his tip and shaft. Isaac moans out and soon his love of cock kicks back in and he switches it up to be the oral bottom hole for horny Zack to have his way with. Zack face fucks Isaac hard as he stands over him thrusting his pelvis while he pants, going balls deep inside the twink's warm open mouth. Now Zack has a surprise up his sleeve. He pulls out of Isaac's face and bends down to suck his own dick! He goes between kissing Isaac, and alternating sucking both cocks. Zack is a giver and likes to make sure he gives back to himself too!

Zack and Isaac lay back down on the couch, ready to assume the cum sucking position. They 69 a bit more, getting each other ready to burst. They take control of their own cocks and beat off as they watch each other. Zack leaks a huge amount of precum. It pools up on his stomach and he scoops it up to use it as lube. At the sight of the precum, Isaac lets loose and shoots his load all over. Zack is a cumsucker and can't get enough jizz in his mouth and stomach. He slurps every last drop he can get out of Isaac's dick and anything that went past his mouth he finds and licks up. The taste of cum makes him ready to shoot his load and he stands up over the twink to do his thing, spurt after spurt after tasty spurt! Zack gets a little greedy and before Isaac can get anything, Zack eats his own cum too! They both got what they need and in the heat decide to jump in the pool to play in the water. They're having fun and splashing as they kiss and make out again.

We really love these two. We're just not sure it was such a good idea for Zack to go swimming so soon after swallowing. Please don't try this at home!