Four Way Free For All

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We found these four bored and horny dirty boys getting creative with how they shove a big yellow vibrator up their butts. Luckily, JT Frost, inventor of the blindfolded dildo game aptly named "Pin the Dildo", is in the house! He recites the rules of the game and the four boys happily get ready to play the game with a quick round of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine the lucky recipient of the big rubber dong. Mike Challenger loses the round (we think on purpose) and caves to JT's demand to take off his pants and lie down on the couch. The remaining three boys take turns blindfolding and spinning each other around while they see who can get closest to Mike's little hairy asshole.

Cute little Jeffrey is the clear loser with aim that would rival any man pissing in the dark. Jack Hammah and JT come out the winners by hitting their targets spot on. The game doesn't last long, though, as all four boys get more horny and no one wants to lose out on tasting a nice juicy cock and balls.

The second JT finds his blindfolded dildo mark, he goes in for his prize by promptly finding Mike's hairy dick with his mouth. JT and Jack take turns getting little Mike all worked up before Jeffrey joins the mix and all bets are off! This foursome is a free-for-all with everyone switching up and sucking each others dicks every which way they can. Jack is a popular target with the other three all vying to suck his giant piece of meat.

JT is the first to break the oral barrier and shoves his big hard cock inside the ready and waiting Mike, who beats his big thick uncut cock as JT slams the hell out of his tight little asshole. Mike reaches over and grabs Jack's big one, needing more to satisfy his appetite. Jack shoves his dick down Mike's throat as JT keeps plowing away.

Jack is the next to take JT's big cock and happily bends over to take it balls deep. JT fucks the hole in front of him and Jeffrey takes over working his magic on Mike's raw hole. All of them fuck hard as skin meats skin in an ass fucking frenzy. JT is so good with his cock that he makes Jack blow his hot white load hands free!

Mike sits up as the other boys gather around him, and shoots a super sticky, extra thick load all over his dark, thick pubes. The boys all vie for a taste of his jizz as he lays back and lets JT blow his pent up load all over his own cum, mixing the two together to create a tasty looking cocktail of cum. JT is so horny that his jizz flies two feet into the air to land perfectly in Jack's eye. When these four are done with their romp, they're out of breath and satisfied as they leave little Mike a sticky, pubey, jizzy mess!