Shower Rods

Models: Bryce Corbin, Lex

Bryce Corbin is a favorite on, but on his full-time job, Bryce enforces the law. That's how he met Lex, a freshly out of high school, former baseball star that Bryce had nearly arrested. Helping Lex stay out of trouble, Bryce spent some time teaching him some self-defense tactics.

After working up a sweat, the guys came back for a shower and helped each other wash, scrubbing each others naked bodies and slapping each others asses. One thing led to another and before long, they were jerking off their hard cocks and in a total pay-back and disrespect for authority, Lex shoots a load of his teen cum right on Bryce - but it doesn't stop there! Our boy Lex is cocked and loaded, with his balls still full of jizz, he lets a second load of straight boy cum spray on Bryce!

Tags: bathroom, jerking off, shower, straight

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