Midnight Snack & Fuck

Models: Hans, Shane Omen

Atlas is hungry and looking for a midnight snack in the kitchen when horny Shane walks in and offers up a better deal. If you're hungry, why not eat some dick? Both these horny twinks agree with that theory and Atlas gets on his knees to service the growing bulge in Shane's pants. Atlas takes the cock all the way down his throat. He knows what he's doing and he has virtually a zero gag reflex.

Shane returns the favor and sucks Atlas off before he stands his buddy up and gets to work on the taller twink's hairy asshole. Shane loves the feeling of getting rimmed and moans and giggles as Shane does his work. When Atlas is nice and opened up, Shane slips his big thick dick inside and pumps Shane deep, making his cock and balls dangle and bounce with each thrust from Atlas and his throbbing plump cock.

Atlas gets on the floor and takes it doggy style with his ass in the air. Shane plows him balls deep getting faster and faster as they get closer to their goal. Shane announces his imminent cumming and then whispers, “Are you ready for it?”. Atlas begs for his cum and Shane pulls out to slather Atlas' smooth white ass with squirt after squirt of thick creamy twink jizz.

Atlas needs to bust too and stands up over the spent and still panting Shane as he jacks his own thick rod. Atlas pumps faster until he erupts in a milky volcano of sperm that shoots all over Shane's shoulders, chest and arms. Both twinks are happy and satisfied as they realize that now they both really need to eat!

Tags: ass play, ball licking, big cock, Blond

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