Hans Gets Ass Fucked

Models: Hans, Kyle

Hans and Kyle are both horny and ready to fuck. Kyle carries Hans into the bathroom, puts him down, and tells him to shower up so that he can fuck him. Hans does what he's told and hops in the shower to get clean so he can get dirty. Kyle is quick to follow and gets in the shower with Hans. The water comes on and they soap up, getting all their bits and pieces all lathered and clean.

They both start to get hard as they scrub their cocks and balls while making out. Kyle is much taller than Hans and he picks the little twink up to play with his asshole and lick his nipples. They turn the shower off and fill up the tub. Kyle rubs his cock on Hans' ass before Hans gets on his knees to service the tall stud in front of him. They're both still wet and soapy as Hans takes it in the mouth.

They switch it up and Kyle takes his turn showing off his cock sucking skills to Hans. Hans is impressed and leans back against the wall to enjoy what Kyle has to offer. No one can keep Hans from sucking dick and he gets back on his knees to suck off Kyle. Soon Kyle is fully erect, loving every bob of Hans' head and slurp of his mouth. Kyle wants to fuck Hans and he taps Hans' big full lips with his thick veiny cock as he makes his declaration.

Hans can't wait to get Kyle's big throbbing dick inside him and bends over to take it. Kyle has one last trick up his sleeve and surprises Hans with a nice long rimjob. Hans is in heaven as Kyle's tongue flicks and licks his twink hole. Hans wants more and Kyle can read his twink well. Kyle shoves his finger deep inside Hans' asshole, fingering him hard and opening him up for what's about to come.

Kyle bends Hans over and shoves his dick all the way inside Hans. Hans moans and groans taking every inch of Kyle like a pro. Kyle pounds away hard, slapping his pelvis against Hans' tight little ass. It's a rough ride and neither of them can get enough! With every slap of flesh against flesh, Hans' cock flips and flops, bouncing against his balls and stomach. It's more than Kyle can take and he fucks until he blasts his big white load right inside Hans' asshole!

Kyle pulls out, takes his extra full condom off and feeds the sloppy insides to Hans. Kyle's still warm sperm leaks out of the condom and spills out onto the twink's little face, into his mouth, and down his throat. Hans laps it up, loving the taste of Kyle's pleasure dripping onto his tongue. When Hans sucks almost every last drop out of Kyle's used condom, they make out. Their tongues twirl and play in the cum as it runs down Hans' chin and into the bathwater. They almost fight for who can lap up more of Kyle's thick load!

Hans is hard and ready to blast one himself. He stands up on the bathtub ledge as he continues to make out with Kyle. When Kyle senses that Hans is ready to blow, he gets down on his knees in the water, opens his mouth wide, sticks out his tongue, and takes every drop that Hans has to offer. Kyle is happy with his spermy treat. He swallows whatever has landed on his tongue, wipes up a bit from his shoulder and stands up happy and satisfied.

All the cock sucking and ass fucking really makes a twink hungry. Hans is ready to get some pizza and Kyle is hooked on Hans. Kyle follows his little piece of ass out the door and off to get whatever Hans wants. Kyle knows a twink is always horny and after the pizza, there's a good chance Kyle will get another piece of action!

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