It's Not Gonna Suck Itself!

Models: Scott Alexander

Our man on the street is at it again! This time he’s prowling the pool at a nearby hotel, camera at the ready.

He spots Scott Alexander, a cute, sexy and bored twenty year old wandering around the hotel. “I wonder if he’s got anything to do tonight?” He wonders out loud

When Scott heads inside our camera guy is right behind him! Scott welcomes the distraction and readily agrees to come back to our room.

Once the door shuts behind him, the intent of the visit is clear. The statement, “It’s not going to suck itself” sets the balls rolling and Scott reaches over and pulls out an already hard cock. He sucks that dick into his mouth as his belt is undone. He slides his pants off and frees his fat, uncut, stiffening meat. Scott Alexander has a great cock!

A hand caresses Scott’s naked body, sliding from his pubes up along his smooth stomach and chest. He rolls over and lets the hand feel up his buttocks, with fingers running up and down along his ass crack. The heat of his butthole says he wants to get fucked.

Face down and bent over the bed, Scott’s welcoming ass is spread and ready for this stranger to stuff. Slowly to start, Scott takes that beef stick inside his hole, moaning as it pressed deeper. His breath becomes short and shallow as he gets pounded. He grips the edges of the mattress, asking for more!

Flipping over on his back, ankles in the air, Scott’s hungry hole gets what it is begging for! Getting fucked hard, Scott’s warm steaming cum erupts from his uncut cock and lands on his chest. Before he can even catch his breath, the camera is in his face and milky white ropes of jizz shoot all over his sexy cute face!

There really isn’t anything like watching a bored twenty year old get fucked by a stranger in a hotel room!

Tags: ass play, big cock, blow job, cum

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