Balls Deep In Tight Hole

Models: Alex, Logan

Alex and Logan are a couple of horny studs who can't keep their dirty mitts off each other. They start making out with no words or exchanges – just pure raw instinct. They both know they want some dick out of this deal and they're out to get each other hard with some sloppy tongue-in-mouth action.

Logan is the first to go down to claim his big hard prize. He gets Alex out of his shirt and then gets on his knees. Alex is bulging out of his undies and Logan works the big stiffie in front of him. He pulls Alex's cock out and gets to work sucking. The big thick dick tastes good in his mouth and it makes him hard as a rock.

Logan's condition doesn't go unnoticed by horny Alex, who's salivating at the thought of getting Logan's big uncut Euro dick down his throat. Alex gets on his knees and starts sucking. He slurps and moans as he works the shaft and tip, getting the nice throbbing dick ready for some anal insertion.

Alex bends over a chair and lets Logan eat his asshole to get it nice and opened up and ready for some plowing. Logan savors each lick and gets in as far as he can with his tongue and face. His scruffy beard feels good on Alex's tight pink hole and soon Alex is begging for Logan to stick his cock inside.

Logan doesn't have to be asked twice as he slips it into his buddy's butt. Alex flinches as first. He's not used to taking such a nice thick cock. He relaxes his hole and soon Logan is balls deep inside the tight asshole in front of him. He plows away, pumping and grunting as he gives Alex exactly what he needs.

They switch up the positions and by the time Alex gets on his back, he's ready to explode. He moans out as he jacks his own rod and blows a giant creamy load of jizz all over his fuzzy tummy. Logan keeps on pounding. He's relentless with his ass pummeling and doesn't stop until Alex cums a second time! The sight of his own dick inside the cum-drenched Alex makes Logan need to explode. Alex begs for Logan's load in his mouth and gets on his knees to get his reward.

Logan barely makes it to his mouth and the erupts inside, giving Alex every last drop of juice he can muster. It's a super thick and creamy load and Alex spits it all out on the floor and plays with it in his mouth. Logan bends down to kiss his buddy and taste his own sperm as the two of them bask in the afterglow of their hardcore fuck session!

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