2 Boys 3 Loads

Models: Adam Moon, Jace

Adam is just getting home from the gym in the summer heat and catches the elevator just as the doors are closing. To his surprise, there's a hot young stud named Jace inside! They share some small talk and discover that they're actually neighbors in the same building. The small talk is then followed with a long awkward silence as they discreetly check each other out. You could literally cut the sexual tension with a knife. Adam can't control his impulses any longer and lets his animal instincts take over. He reaches down and grabs Jace's bulging crotch. Adam gets the response he was hoping for when Jace sticks his tongue down Adam's throat. Without words, Jace leads his hot fresh meat to his apartment and starts working his magic.

Tags: behind the scenes, big cock, Blond, facials

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