Sam Bridle Fucks Horny Hole

Models: Max Perlman, Sam Bridle

Sam Bridle is outside grabbing a smoke when he spots Max Perlman checking him out. Sam boldly waves Max closer and without hesitation he heads inside to get things started!

Sam grabs Max’s crotch as the kiss passionately, struggling to open each others pants! Whipping his fat uncut meat out of his red and white briefs, Sam guides Max down to his knees and stuffs his stiffening cock into Max’s willing mouth! They continue to undress as Sam face fuck’s Max. Sam’s gasping and moaning tells us Max knows his way around that cock!

Still in charge, Sam turns Max around and buries his face deep between Max’s fuzzy ass checks! He licks that hole good, working his tongue over that hot sweet spot! Having had his fill of Max’s butthole Sam goes for Max’s thick dick, deep throating it down to the pubes.

When the time comes Max is ready, bent over spreading his cheeks to take Sam’s cock. And it’s a lot of cock to take! The sweat drips off both boys as Max hangs on tight and Sam pounds his hungry manhole doggy style! Finally Sam can’t hold back any longer and unleashes his jizz load right in Max’s face!

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