Threeway Surprise

Models: Jack Collins, Jack Hammah, Tyler Preston

Little shaggy Jack Collins is minding his own business trying to jerk off to DirtyBoyVideo when hunky Tyler walks in and catches Jack doing the dirty deed. Jack admits what he's trying to do and Tyler takes advantage of this lucky situation by whipping out his dick and telling horny Jack to suck it. Jack barely gets in three licks of Tyler's growing cock before they're interrupted by Jack Hammah. Jack pulls out his giant dick without even asking what's going on or whether he can join in. With a cock his size, he's used to calling the shots anyway.

Little Jack is in cocksucking heaven with these to hunks in front of him. He happily slurps and gobbles up each of their cocks before letting Tyler share his duties working on hung Jack's big thick one. Tyler wants a change of scenery and picks little Jack up and tosses him on the bed. More cocksucking ensues with Jack working both men again. He's a polite one too and allows Tyler to once again try a sample of Jack Hammah's throbbing thick meat. When Jack is hard as a rock and nearly ready to burst, bottom Jack gets on all fours with his ass in the air for the taking. He needs dick bad and can't wait to get reamed!

Tyler asks the tight little bottom if he's ready to take it. Both Jacks agree that he is and big hung Jack slowly slides into bottom Jack, wedging his giant dick deep inside the tight hole in front of him. Jack the Hole can barely take giant Jack Hammah and winces with the pleasure of each thrust from the hung top. Jack is tight as fuck and Tyler can tell he needs a piece of what the other Jack is taking. Tyler asks to get inside and Jack steps aside to let the second stud do the Lord's work.

Tyler and Jack take turns on Jack's tight butt before big hung Jack decides he wants some dick up his ass too! Big Jack bends over and lets Tyler do his bidding and before you know it, both studs are ready to blow their loads. Tyler pulls out and hunky Jack stands up next to him. At nearly the exact same time, they blow their big white loads all over the skinny bottom. All the moaning and heavy breathing leave little Jack a sticky, wet, cummy mess. With jizz in his hair, down his throat, on his face, and in his eyes, he declares that it's his turn to blow his load. Alas, little bottom Jack was just a hole for these two studs and they leave him needing more as Tyler throws him a paper towel and they walk out of the room. Poor Jack. In his own words, it's just plain fucked up!

Tags: big cock, blow job, facials, fucking

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