Raf Gets Drilled

Models: Raf, Skylar

Skylar catches Raf working with a power drill - working the boner in his pants that is!

Seeing his chance to finally fuck Raf, Skylar demands he take his cock in his mouth. Raf chokes on Skylar's big hard dick, taking it down his throat to the pubes!

Switching places, Raf pulls out his own thick uncut meat and Skylar gets down on his knees rolling his tongue under that foreskin and all around Raf's cock head.

Skylar turns Raf around and bends him over the work bench. He leans in and eats out Raf's pink puckered hole! Raf's moans tell us Skylar's talented tongue has found it's target! Raf's hungry hole is ready for the real thing and Skylar pushes his rock hard cock into Raf. Raf takes every inch of Skylar's cock deep inside his ass.

Finally, Raf cums in Skylar's face, coating his glasses with hot white boy jizz! On his knees now, Raf gets Skylar's giant load blasted all over his face!

Tags: big cock, fucking, jerking off, scruffy

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