Jimmy Roman Fucked

Models: Giovanni Anderson, Giovanni Lovell, Jimmy Roman

Giovanni is walking down the street with Jimmy Roman, who he met on his way home from running some errands. Giovanni asks Jimmy if he'd like to see his place and Jimmy happily jumps at the chance of some possible action with the Spanish twink. Once inside, Giovanni says that he can't wait any longer and grabs Jimmy to bring him closer. They kiss and do some heavy petting through their jeans and before long, Giovanni's pants are open revealing a large hard bulge in his underwear. Jimmy slowly pulls the twink's cock out. It's so hard that it bounces back up and slaps his stomach. It's a nice thick uncut dick and Jimmy quickly gets to his knees to service Giovanni.

Jimmy sucks Giovanni's balls and deep throats the whole big piece of junk. Jimmy opens up his pants and proudly pulls out his own big uncut dick. They rub their cocks together for a nice frot session, tapping and slapping tips and shafts. Giovanni gets on his knees and takes Jimmy's cock all the way to the base. Jimmy tells the twink to swallow it and Giovanni does as he's told. As Giovanni sucks the stud's hard cock, Jimmy sniffs his own armpits then demands Giovanni's shoe. He takes a big whiff and makes the twink put it back on his foot. Giovanni can't wait to take Jimmy's big hard cock, but in a twist of fate, Jimmy demands that Giovanni stick it to him.

Jimmy gets on his hands and knees and the little twink crams it deep inside the stud. They both moan hard as Jimmy takes it in the ass. He's very tight and it's a hard job, but Giovanni gets it done. It's time to switch it up and Jimmy gets Giovanni to the floor. He hops on, riding the twink from above letting his hard cock flop up and down as he fucks. Finally, they roll over onto the floor and shove each others tongues down their throats to work up for the final payoff.

Jimmy is the first to cum and shoots his wad all over his own trimmed treasure trail. It's a nice white load and the sight of it makes Giovanni ready to erupt. Giovanni takes aim and spurts all over Jimmy's still hard cock and pubes. It hits Jimmy at top speed and drips down his drained balls to form a mixture of twink and stud cum. They kiss and moan a bit more as they bask in the glory of having Jimmy covered in cum!

Tags: big cock, Blond, facials, fucking

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