Fuck Him Deep

Models: Andrew, Nick

It's a hot as hell summer day in New York and Andrew and Nick are making out on the floor about to make the day a little hotter. Nick is licking and kissing Andrew's salty sweaty skin while Andrew describes to the camera all the things he wants Nick to do to him, including licking his his balls and ass. Andrew barely makes it a minute before his horniness gets the better of him and he stops talking to give into the feel of Nick's talented mouth.

Nick continues kissing Andrew all over his body, getting his nipples and pits before going back up to his mouth where they linger in a nice long make out session. Andrew is so turned on by Nick's abilities that he can't wait to get on his knees to satisfy him. Nick stands up and takes down his pants to reveal a giant bulge in his tighty whitey underwear. Andrew is sweating hard as he unleashes Nick's balls and gets to work on gobbling them up. Soon Nick's big thick cock comes out of hiding and Andrew proceeds to work his magic on the pole.

Andrew fucks the hell out of Nick's face before they launch into a long frot session, rubbing each others cocks long and hard, tip to tip. Andrew begs for Nick's cock in his asshole and finally gets it. Nick has no reason to stop and can't control himself when presented by an asshole as tight and ready as Andrew's. Andrew begs and begs for Nick to "fuck him deep" and blows his creamy white load all over himself while Nick's thick cock is deep inside him.

Nick returns the favor and blasts a hot fucking load of sperm all over Andrew. They both kiss and moan as they marinate in their own juices, wanting more of the sperm they've just unleashed to the world!

Tags: big cock, Blond, facials, fucking

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