Mike Black & Trey Bentley

Models: Mike Black, Trey Bentley

Mike Black and Trey Bentley

Trey is cruising and looking for trouble when Mike Black catches his eye!

Without saying a word, Trey opens the door to his apartment building and leads Mike upstairs.

They pull each others shirts off as they kiss. Trey unzips Mike’s pants and is pleased to see Mike is wearing a green and black jockstrap! Mike whips out his hard cock and steers Trey’s willing mouth down on it. He moans in pleasure at Trey’s skilled lip work.

Needing to taste Trey’s cock, Mike kneels down and slurps Trey’s huge 9 inches down to the pubes! He worships that long tool, slobbering all over Trey’s fat balls!

Now it’s Trey’s ass that need attention! He spins around and bends over so Mike can bury his black beard deep between his ass cheeks. Trey’s hole is tight, and Mike has to slowly work in one finger at a time to help Trey relax enough to take the pounding he so frantically wants!

Finally Trey’s legs are in the air and Mike moves in. He penetrates Trey slowly at first, ramping up faster and faster with each thrust. He alternates between hard pounding and slow, methodical gestures. Trey is clearly in ecstasy, kissing and holding Mike’s face!

Next Mike rolls on his back so Trey can climb up and sit on Mike’s stiff pole. Mike strokes Trey’s cock as Trey rides him. Trey leans back so Mike can watch his own dick sliding in and out of Trey’s slick wet butthole!

When Mike finally lets his geyser of cum loose, it splatters Trey right in this face!

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