Glory Hole Boys

Models: Aiden Clark, Talon Miller

Talon and Aiden meet up in the back room of a porn shop, cruising the hallways and checking out the glory holes.

Aiden spots Talon peering through one of the openings cut into he wood. He doesn’t hesitate to walk up and stick his dick in the glory hole. Talon bends over and slurps Aiden’s stiffening cock in to his mouth.

Ready for more, Aiden walks around to the other side of the partition and Talon stands to meet him. They kiss passionately as Talon opens his pants to release his hard cock. Aiden gets on his knees and services Talon’s dick, rolling his skilled tongue over Talon’s balls.

Talon reciprocates, sucking Aiden’s pierced cock down to the pubes. The cocksucking action is hot, but Aiden wants Talon’s tongue in his ass! He slowly turns around, bringing his ass to Talon’s face. Talon is hungry and digs his tongue deep in Aiden’s asshole.

Now it’s Aiden’s turn to eat ass! Talon spreads his checks showing off his tight hairy hole and Aiden loves it. He rims that tasty buttonhole!

Now that Talon’s ass is wet and ready, Aiden stands up and slides his dick inside Talon. The boys fuck against the wall, Aiden pumping Talon’s ass hard and fast!

Aiden pulls out and Talon drops to the floor just in time to catch Aiden’s sperm load in his mouth! Talon generously snowballs his mouth full of cum with Aiden as they kiss and lick each other!

Tags: ass play, basement, blow job, facials

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