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Added on 10/14/2015

Rock Hard Cock

Garrett is boned up even before taking off his pants! Starting by the window, Jayden licks and kisses Garrett's face, peeling off his clothes, making his...

Added on 09/30/2015

I Like To Fuck Ass

Amateur model Seere says he likes to fuck ass. Cute as fuck Johnny says he likes to give blow jobs. Both boys get what they want and more in this gay sex...

Added on 09/15/2015

Sebastian Gets Pounded

Sebastian comes home to find Quinn horned up and waiting for him. As soon as they enter the apartment they kiss passionately, uncontrollably hot for each...

Added on 08/31/2015

Fucking Skyler In The Ass

Chris Jett and Skyler Walker are drinking beers behind the Stop & Shop when Skyler takes a chance and puts his hand on Chris' crotch. Chris let's Skyler...

Added on 08/15/2015

Fucked On The First Date

DirtyBoyVideo was not intended to be a gay dating service... but every once in a while we manage to hook up some amateur models who regularly check out...

Added on 08/01/2015

Park And Blow!

Bray Love and Haze Weiler are out for a drive and get so fucking horny they have to pull over and make out! This of course gets them even more heated...

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Added on 06/17/2015

Taken By Storm

Storm skates on down the alley through a crappy part of town and stops by a graffiti-ridden garage door. He wastes no time heading in to find Elijah working...

Added on 05/11/2015

Ryder's Audition

Ryder is a super sexy 19 year old from New Jersey with a filthy side! He begins by telling us about a dirty public restroom hook up where he stood on the...

Added on 03/11/2015

Hungry For Cum

Jace and Jayden are lying in bed petting each other. They're both horny but Jace is hungry and needs to eat before they can mess around. They head to the...

Added on 01/06/2015

Four Way Free For All

We found these four bored and horny dirty boys getting creative with how they shove a big yellow vibrator up their butts. Luckily, JT Frost, inventor of...

Added on 09/24/2014

Bangin' Bessy

"My name's Ryan, I'm 18 and I'm going to fuck this cow," our cute straight boy tells us. And true to his word, he is 18 (we checked) and he fucks our blow...

Added on 09/10/2014

Tristan Takes Charge

Amateur porn star Tristan Matthews takes charge and gives Brody what he wants! Bored with the TV they decide to have some fun, and by fun we mean blow...