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Jason: Violent Dollfucker

For some reason you guys really liked Jason when he jacked off in the abandoned government hospital in Brooklyn! So we brought this crazy straight boy back...this time to show us his moves on a sex doll. This is a guy you don't want to see making it with a real girl...because he's fucked in the head! Watch him get violent with our blowup sex doll...smacking, hitting, and rough penetration! Jason gets a psycho expression on his face, pouring sweat, until he jacks his jizz onto the doll. This one will make you feel a little dirty watching...

Johnny Gets Vicious!

Johnny is a scary motherfucker - who seems like he might beat some faggot-ass up hard if he got cornered (in that hot straight boy fantasy sort of way). He will not "go gay for pay", even though dude needs money. And we did ask. But we still get the chance to watch him fuck, as he rides the living fuck out of this sex doll's holes. Johnny is lean fucking animal with a baseball bat for a cock!


Pete Porks Plastic!

Pete is an odd character, and we like that. He bought a new blowup sex doll - top of the line - she comes with a tight pussy and ass! Excited to see a new toy we invited him to give us a demonstration on video. Pete brought her to our studio in his truck after finishing a day of deliveries in Brooklyn, then gave a delivery of his own all over this inflatable girlfriend. Watch his hard meat slide in and seen from the inside. Ever wonder what cock looks like when its inside some ass. Now you know!

Trampoline Dollfucker Rex

Eat your heart out Warhol! Who says porn and art have nothing in common. Here we have our friend Rex, naked, bouncing on a trampoline, dick swing wild. Then he gets a clear sex doll and fucks it on the trampoline. Dirty crazy fun!


Basement Splooge

Spy on a handsome young blonde dude and his favorite plaything, an inflatable blow up doll! She's at his service and doesn't talk back! Watch this built young swimmer type act out his sex fantasies on her-but he thinks he's alone. We know better, don't we? Hard as a rock and hung like a horse, he shoots buckets of creamy jizz all over his new toy.

Doll Parts

Even we here at DirtyBoyVideo will admit that there is something a little strange about Trevor. He claims he has a girlfriend who knows he's fucking the plastic...doubt it. So we put him in a room with a bunch of inflated sex dolls, and he grabs his favorite and climbs aboard. Finishing with a great river of cum, onto our videographer. Not bad for a straight boy from Kalamazoo.


In A Warehouse

Found on the streets playing basketball in Brooklyn, Jay came in to the warehouse to put on a little show and started pounding a clear blow up sex doll like she was the real thing!

Store Room Dollfuck

Our videographer got this hot straight guy come into our studio's storage room and fuck a blow up sex doll! All it took was a little cash and some reassurance that no one would ever know!!


Straight Boy Doll Fuck

This big dicked straight boy just FUCKS THE SHIT out of a blow up sex doll!! He takes his time inflating it, then lets it really have it. First he makes it go down on his fat cock, and boy does he have a big one! Then he just whales into the doll, humping and pumping it! When he flips it over and pounds it from behind, well, it's just too much!

Ace Earning Cash The American Way

Straight boy Ace, a friend of Rex, was trying to save money for his girlfriend's birthday present so we were happy to give him the opportunity to earn some extra cash the easy way, the way any red-blooded American straight boy would, by fucking a blow-up sex doll!


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